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Below is text I sent to Finish Line:

Twice I've been in your Lafayette, IN store, and twice I've been lied to by your employees.

The first was several months ago (to which I made a quick complaint on your Facebook page and received no response). That employee told me while signing me up for whatever your reward program is, that he would check and option so that I did not actually receive emails. The way he said it, I knew he was lying, and I did indeed begin receiving advertising emails from you almost immediately.

The second time was last night. I only went back to your store after the first incident because I could not find the same shoes anywhere else, and I liked them. In the end, the girl (Salesperson 0026520) ended up ordering online because it is a shoe being discontinued and it was not in the store. Originally we were going to order two pairs, but then she found the system would only let her order one... though now I have to hope that that was not also a lie!... Since we were ordering online, and it was originally going to be well over $100, I asked her about using an online coupon code. I had already checked RetailMeNot when I went in the store to see if there were in-store coupons. She told me that there aren't any coupon codes--that they are "spam" and the store doesn't send any out. While she was trying to set up the order I brought up the code on my phone and said "So, this won't work?" and she repeated her "spam" statement, which sounded rehearsed. After she told me only one pair of shoes was available and the order came in under the $100 required by the code, I let it drop. But, when I got home to my computer instead of my phone, I searched again. And I found that very same code (10FINISH) on Was I being told that the company's own website is "spam"??? Hmmm (I have screenshots.)

Although the code would have been moot for my final order amount, I do not appreciate being lied to. Your employees blew your second chance from me, and I feel that the employees are being encouraged to lie. I am finished with Finish Line.

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