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asked to be contacted by finish line never heard a word All I know there were a lot of pissed off people that said they will not shop at finish line again they are a joke!

Original review posted by user Feb 28, 2016

OK here we go! On Saturday 2/27/2016 there was a release of Jordan shoes.

hot hot item ! went on numerous web sites they were jammed couldn't get on finally got onto the finish line website! All right here we go we are going to get shoes(my nephew is a Jordan shoe collector) filled out information great they had his size put in credit card #'s all set hit submit keeps telling him his session has timed out???? he did this about 3 times same thing,so we looked money was taken from bank once thank god their was not enough for the other times he tried to get shoes or that would have been removed also(we know this because they took out 2,700 out of one of his friends account!) You couldn't call or get back on website said they were to busy to take any phone calls this was at 11:00am finally got ahold of them at 9:30pm and I bet you can't guess what happened?????????????????

Oh yes they did take the money out (this is why we thought we had shoes on the way) but oh no sorry our computer system couldn't handle the amount of orders so no you are not getting shoes??????????? They said how sorry they were and in about three days we should have money back in bank.

So no shoes for us ,but the thing that really is *** me off is that this has happened to a lot of people my nephew was reading from sites on his phone yeah they screwed a lot of people and all you get from them oh I'm sorry(not as sorry as everyone who thought they were getting shoes) so now they shoes are sold out every where you call but one thing I do know Finish Line has lost at least one customer(nephew) he has sprnt a lot of money at that store for Jordans any where from 175.00 to 250.00 .I hope they lose a lot more their just not right but lesson learned finish line sucks.My be I'll try to get ahold of the man,jordan himself ! maybe he can do something but I doubt it thanks for listening

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Finish Line Cons: Website sucks ordering is a mess.

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exact same thing happened to me and i still can't get in contact with anyone to refund my money


I called their headquarters in Indiana and they told me they don't have our money the bank puts a hold on the money and it takes 24 to 72 hours to put it back on card, once the bank sees the order was not processed they will put money back on card if you have your money on a debit or charge card in your bank acct. it should still say pending and that would mean your waiting on your bank at least that's what they told me .

Well that was Sat. and i'm still waiting for my money back they told me it should be back by the end of day on Wed.

we will see Good Luck to you as for us we will not deal with finish line again. Hope you get yours back!

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