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Finish Line at Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus Ohio--I never mistreated this badly in my whole life.

First, be aware that cashiers of Finish Line charge extra money in the name of donations at checkout. Despite I clearly said NO to the cashier's request for donations, she added unauthorized donations to the total charge. Most shoppers would not notice this sneaky extra charge. When I complained about it, the store manager said "˜Shame on You.' I was stunned by the manager's abusive comment. I don't believe in donations through for-profit companies, because they can misuse the customers'' donations in order to reduce their tax liabilities.

Here is what happened in the afternoon on Dec. 27, 2010.

My son wanted to buy a sweater in Finish Line at Polaris by using the gift card of $50 he received for Christmas. At checkout, the cashier asked for donations but I clearly said "˜NO.' After she swapped my son's gift card, however, I noticed that the amount charged was incorrect. When I asked about it, she said that the amount included taxes and some donations. Dumfounded, I asked her to correct the unauthorized donations. Without any explanation or apology, she cancelled the charge.

What followed after cancelation was unbelievable. The cashier refused to accept the gift card for the payment because she said the cancelation froze the gift card for 24 hours. I said to her, "˜you saw the gift card has 50 dollar value when you swapped it. You know that you will have $50 in 24 hours. Can you accept it?.' Well, she continued to refuse. My son was obviously disappointed because he was not able to buy it right away. I got upset because the cashier was responsible for freezing my son's gift card by charging unauthorized donations.

To resolve this, I wanted to see the manager. However, the manager was a lot worse than the cashier was. Without offering any apology, he repeated there was nothing he could do. His response was entirely "˜take or leave.' When I raised my voice out of frustration, he threatened me to bring security guards. Not only that, he said to me "Shame on You." I was just shocked. Furthermore, while I was leaving, I found that store employee had been videotaping my son and me for the entire time of arguments. I screamed twice"You ***!"

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